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Welcome to Lakeview Endodontics

At Lakeview Endodontics, it is our priority to make root canal therapy a smooth and comfortable experience. Our office was designed to be reminiscent of a spa, utilizing a relaxing ambiance in order to put our patients at ease. The doctors will work closely with each patient to formulate the best individual treatment plan and communicate clearly to ensure each patient is well-informed about their treatment every step of the way.



GentleWave Provider

Our team offers the GentleWave® Procedure,

a state-of-the-art alternative to standard root canal treatment.

Extremely effective at cleaning and disinfecting, GentleWave®

reduces the chance of failure over time.

Our Mission

We strive to preserve the natural dentition through root canal therapy using the most modern technology, such as 3D and digital imaging and the endodontic operating microscope. By providing painless endodontic therapy, we provide our patients with the ability to maintain function and esthetics, and to continue to enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, eating delicious food!

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