"I can't speak highly enough for the quality of service and customer care here at Lakeview Endodontics. I have been here on multiple occasions and Dr. Van and her staff always take such great care of me. From having the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in at a dentists' office to making sure the work she provides is affordable to you, Dr. Van is the real deal. There is no place else I'd rather go to get a root canal and let's face it, nobody wants to go anywhere for a root canal!"

Daina N.

"I saw Dr. Cheng - very good bedside manner (he really knows his stuff! and can explain it all so clearly), very professional, very fair pricing. Highly recommended if you need a root canal or two!"

Nic J.

"I had recently had a filling done on one of my back top molars that had irritated the nerve and eventually needed an emergency root canal. Lakeview Endodontics was able to see me the same day that I called and treated my tooth in less than an hour during my first visit. While I did experience more pain than is typical following the procedure (I guess you're supposed to wait before flying due to elevation changes), I am completely satisfied with the work done by Dr. Van and her team. She made me feel more than comfortable, which is saying something considering my fear of dental work! During my second visit to finish the root canal, she ensured that the tooth was properly cleaned and shaped and even gave me a nice warm blanket which kept me comfortable in their chilly office. Hopefully, I won't need another root canal but if I ever do, I will be returning here for sure!"

Lisa D.

Though sadly I'm no stranger to those occasional, oh-so-fun bouts of major dental work, I can honestly say — without hyperbole — I have never had a better dentist than Dr. Van. The only thing that could possibly outweigh her technical skill? Her caring. Thanks for everything, Doctor — you're the best!

Kyle M.


Dr. Cheng was great! The dental assistant was so kind and thoughtful. I can in for an emergency root canal and they saw me the same day and were able to complete the whole procedure.

Meredith G.


Very professional, clean office. Great prices compared to the downtown endo offices. Were able to schedule me almost immediately and work with my schedule. Dr. Cheng was absolutely amazing!

Shane N.


Dr. Mindy Van is so friendly and professional. I needed a root canal in an emergency and even though they had a full schedule she managed to fit me in and take good care of me. I’m so grateful and will return in the future with any other dental needs

Dawn R.


It was painless, and they can quote me on this. The most uncomfortable thing about getting a root canal was the tiny sting from the needle used to numb my teeth. The procedure was quick and my experience was positive.

Nick B.


I ended up here because of a good oral surgeon (Dr. Koos) who wanted to save my tooth after my former dentist refused to acknowledge the pain I was in needed a root canal procedure and not a crown on an infected tooth. The young staff in this office were just, just so polite. I am a perfectionist and they exceeded my expectations. Then young Dr. Cheng - he just wants to make you comfortable and for you to heal. He knows his stuff and tells you everything he is about to do and after the procedure. His goal is to make you comfortable throughout the whole process. He saved my tooth and practically gave me my life without pain back. Thank you!

Afua A.


I would recommend Dr. Van. I am not a fan of drills especially in the mouth but she was gentle and explained the process step by step. The office staff is friendly and the environment is pleasant and clean. Only if I knew about her before I would not have my other tooth pulled. We live and learn. Dr. Van is a rock star in my book.

Antoinette H.





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